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Passion Pays Off

Posted by Jordan Crouch on November 5, 2007

Andrew Calvo, the ardent blogger focused on Starwood Hotels, was recently profiled in the New York Post. Determined to get a job with Starwood Hotels, Andrew started a blog called Passions of a Zealot. Having corresponded over email with Andrew, I can attest that his passion is palpable. He is using his blog as proof that he is serious about hotels. From the article:

It’s a crisply packaged site, and the postings, while perhaps a bit esoteric, are well-researched, informative and thoughtful. Calvo is not a kook. He’s a sharply dressed, well-spoken, highly motivated post-grad utilizing the Internet as an extension of a resume – or a preview of job performance, perhaps.

After getting no where with contacting Starwood’s CEO or the HR department, his passion has paid off. The article’s reporter contacted Ross Klein, the president of Starwood’s Luxury Brands Group, asking for a comment. Klein wouldn’t comment on the article but did offer to interview Andrew.

Best of luck, Andrew!


2 Responses to “Passion Pays Off”

  1. Thank you Jordan!

  2. Andrew – Your welcome. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

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