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What is SAM?

Posted by Jordan Crouch on December 4, 2007

If you’re from Seattle, you’ll think SAM means Seattle Art Museum. And you’d be correct. But not when it is related to commercial real estate. In this case, SAM means Strategic Alliance Mortgage. Here’s a quick look at what it is.

  • WHO? SAM is a unique company owned by 21 members who are all individually owned, commercial real estate investment banking/mortgage banking firms.
  • WHAT? SAM members share ideas, market intelligence, and recent loan pricing to better compete with national competitors. SAM member firms collectively originated $14 Billion in commercial loans in 2006.
  • WHEN? Formed in 1998, SAM has grown to become a viable, new business model for the commercial mortgage banking industry.
  • WHERE? SAM firms are located in 55 markets coast to coast throughout the United States.
  • HOW? SAM member firms utilize a web-based system to communicate, share ideas and catalogue capital market participants, information and trends.
  • WHY? To quote John Fenoglio of Live Oak Capital, Ltd. in Houston, former chairman of the executive committee, “SAM is a great alternative as it provides freedom and flexibility for a local firm, yet has all of the benefits of a national firm without the hassles and headaches inherent in all large companies.”

I rarely “toot my own horn” but the SAM Network has been an integral part of the success of NBS, especially in the chaotic market we are currently in.


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