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Lender’s Attitudes Towards Property Types

Posted by Jordan Crouch on December 3, 2008

This is a quick summary of lending attitudes for each of the main property types specific to the Seattle area at this particular moment (Dec. 2008).

Apartments – Love them. People have to live somewhere. With rising interest rates and fewer condo developments, people are moving back into apartments.

Industrial – Good. Easy property to take care of; sweep the floor, maybe a new coat of paint, and its

Office – Ok, as long as it’s leased. It’s a tenant’s market, therefore if your building is fully leased, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Retail – No, unless it’s fully leased, long term tenants, grocery anchored, on a main arterial without other retail competition. In other words, not likely.

Hotel – No.

Condo – **Click** (as in the lender just hung up).


2 Responses to “Lender’s Attitudes Towards Property Types”

  1. Your comment on condo deals is hilarious, but so true. The lenders’ appetite you are seeing in Seattle is common in many areas of the country (IMHO).

    Retail is definitely a soft market.

  2. nice info

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