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The Next Adventure

Posted by Jordan Crouch on March 28, 2009

My wife and I are traveling the United States. You can follow our adventures here;


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The Future

Posted by Jordan Crouch on March 5, 2009

This is my final day with NBS Financial. I have enjoyed learning, growing and working with of all of you. I will make sure you all have my new contact information very soon. In the interim, please feel free to email me at I will make sure we stay connected; your good will and knowledge will be much appreciated. Within the chaos and distress around us, there are and will be opportunities and I’m hopeful we can find new ways to help each other. I am sincerely grateful for your help and support during the last five years.


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Fed Lowers Rate

Posted by Jordan Crouch on December 16, 2008

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The Next Emerging Market…The US

Posted by Jordan Crouch on July 8, 2008

Foreign Wealth Funds are looking to the US as the next emerging market. The combination of lots of foreign cash and a low value of the dollar make investing in the US a no-brainer. See this article for more info…

What does this mean for commercial real estate? Two things: 1) Investment sales will begin to pick up. We are already seeing foreign investors in the larger US cities (NYC, LA, etc.) and it won’t be long before we see them in “smaller” markets.  And 2) investors wanting to get their feet wet in the US market but not ready to dive in head first, will pursue joint ventures, private equity placements and lending as a way to enter the market.

Within the last year, I’ve seen several large European banks lending in the Seattle area for the first time. This is in addition to a handful of foreign investors/lenders that have been here for the last decade.

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5 Ways to Decide Which Loan?

Posted by Jordan Crouch on May 6, 2008

Every loan is a little different from the next. Here are five things to consider when evaluating your options.

  1. What are your plans for the property? This is the number one thing I try to determine when I meet with clients. Do they want to pull some equity out, hold the property long term, or flip it in a few years? Each of these scenarios will require a different loan structure, term, prepayment, etc.
  2. How much cash flow do you want? Your cash flow will be determined by the loan amount, amortization and the interest rate as well as any reserves that are collected.
  3. Will the loan have recourse? Recourse means that the lender has the ability to take anything of yours, in addition to the building, to repay the loan in full. Non-Recourse means the lender can only take back the building if you default on the loan. There are consequences with both recourse and non-recourse loans.
  4. What type of lender do you want? There are many types of lenders. Click here to read a discussion on the various types.
  5. Does the lender require reserves? Some lenders require you to keep a tenant improvement, leasing commission, tax or insurance payments in a reserve account held by the lender. This can be funded when the loan closes or payments can be made along with the regular loan payment. Other lenders require some or no reserves.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but is a good way to get started when comparing different loans.

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